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Ghana 2016


This was my second mission trip to Ghana, and this year got more involved with the medical team and working more closely with carrying out health checks in the local villages.


Through the medical out reaches and visits to two local hospitals I was able to see first hand the inequalities in the healthcare structure in Ghana. The hospitals were in a state of disrepair and the wards were overflowing with children. The buildings themselves were not what I would class as conducive to health and well being, in honesty I have seen better buildings pulled down in the UK.


In all of the villages that we went to we were faced with a different picture but one thing was clear, the majority of people in Ghana do not have the greatest of health, yet they are unaware. Despite the ill health, the villagers are happy and content on the surface but it is obvious that for the most there is a deep pain and need.


Throughout my years of health monitoring I have never recorded blood pressures like I witnessed in Ghana - in one village a blood pressure of 300/198 was recorded, this indicated that the person had serious health problems, yet she had walked to the outreach in the heat of the sun, had been working and was completely unaware of anything being wrong. Thankfully following consultations with Dr Byrite, the villagers were given health advice and medication that they needed.


As well as the medical outreaches I saw other aspects of the mission, prison ministry, drama, ministry to local churches, and the conference with Dr Cindy Trimm. The church that I attended for Sunday ministry was welcoming and friendly, and expectant for the word of God. The congregation were pulled together by the Pastor and his prophecy some months earlier of "a white man preaching in his church" was fulfilled - it was clear that the congregation had a rise in their faith expectation. Dr Ian Campbell, Martinson and myself all ministered the word of God followed by prayer for all members of the congregation.


Throughout the whole mission it was clear that the people of Ghana are hungry for a touch from The King, they were open, expectant and ready for what God wants to do in the nation of Ghana.


The ministry of Reverend Betty King is bringing about change in the culture and spiritual climate of Ghana. Through the doors that are opened by God her ministry is imparting the much needed equipment, donations, resources and support to bring about change in the local villages and surrounding areas of Cape Coast and Takaradi.


The great commission commences with the word "go"; God is on the move, and doing great things, let me encourage you to be a part of future missions, whether they be with Reverend Betty King or in your local church, let us rise to the call and be a part of what God is doing.



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